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Visible Infinity OOC Community

A Post-Hogwarts, HBP-Compliant RPG

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The OOC comm for the Visible Infinity RPG


Visible Infinity RPG | VI OOC | Cast of Characters | Rules | Player Contact Info (f-locked) | Application


The war against Voldemort is over. Many in the Wizarding world are beginning to start their lives over without the threat of darkness hanging over them.

The only darkness in this cheerful time is the continuing escapades of the escaped Death Eaters, led by Lucius Malfoy. Malfoy has orchestrated the escape of Fenrir and others from Azkaban, bombed the London Eye, and attacked a wizarding conference on wizard-Muggle relations. The Ministry grows desperate to bring him in and yet he remains elusive, striking rarely.

The Order, too, would like to bring Malfoy to justice, but their numbers are few and their direction scattered since the death of Dumbledore. A few intrepid souls keep up the fight, though.

It is here that we start, as Wizarding Britain begins its journey toward peace.

We currently have many characters still open, and are always accepting applications.

Canon-compliant through HBP.